Personal Web Site of Ernst de Haan

Summarized: I'm a Christian, husband, father of 5, Dutch and an IT-professional.


Above all, my life is about God, Who created mankind a couple of thousands of years ago, Who gave his only son Jesus Christ to save us; Who loves us and instructs us to love Him as well as fellow humans.

I believe, as the Bible tells us, that there is a heaven and hell and that God will create a new Earth without evil, as he promised us.

Yes, I know that a lot of people consider Christianity outdated or even lunatic: has not science proven otherwise, that God is irrelevant or does not exist, the Earth is billions and billions of years old and death is the end of all?

I sincerely hope you let God save you; read the Bible.

IT Professional

Information technology is my profession and passion. I am passionate about the web (usage, impact, technology), development processes, programming languages, software design, mobile, etc. etc.

In my professional career (since 2000), I have filled various roles, including software developer, development lead, (chief) architect, CTO, pre-sales consultant, web designer, process coach, etc.